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Posted 27 February by SelfCAD

Job Description

JOB OPP: We’re looking for social media influencers who want to learn about 3D modelling with SelfCAD and use their own networks to blog their SelfCAD journey. All details and application are at

We hope the position will provide a flexible way to make some money while teaching you the basics of SelfCAD and 3D modeling so you can do your job and have fun doing it.

Filling out this form will take a bit of time and we value that, so before you choose to go on, here’s a bit more about the job:

We have two tracks here. The main qualification for both is that you want to learn SelfCAD for your own reasons.

1. We need people with a social media presence, influencers, who are willing to use their existing social media following to blog and promote their SelfCAD journey online. This would include writing content and promoting it whereever you’re allowed to.

2. If this isn’t your thing, you need to be able to answer questions in social media forums and other media outlets or just contribute to these posts in a way that promotes SelfCAD without looking obvious. You need to actually communicate with people who are posting or asking questions vs. just post the link all over the place in a spammy way. That’s why we want you to learn the program (and you will have free training to do so).

We’re really looking for people who are up to the challenge and can figure out how to do this quickly after an initial social media training period (in addition to the actual training in the program). You don’t have to have perfect grammar, but you do have to be able to communicate your point concisely and in a way where people from all over the world can understand you in English (though if you speak other languages and would like to work in them, that can be discussed if we like what we see in your responses).

The job is not about running the official accounts – it’s getting people from forums all over the world to want to learn more about SelfCAD. Whether you’re engaging people with your own content (“Hey, I just learned how to do this! Check it out!”), or joining forums and replying relevantly and effectively, you’re helping SelfCAD get out there.

This is a contract position.

Still interested? Please fill out the form.

If you haven’t sent your CV in, please send it to Thanks!