Personal and Business Assistant
Posted 31 October by family

Job Description

New repatriates’ family (Olim Hadashim) is looking for a native English / Hebrew speaking person to work as our Personal and Business Assistant full or part time. Location is not important, however the closer to Netanya, the better.

Main Duties on Business Side:

– Help creating catalogs, brochures and websites in Hebrew by translating and participating, organizing events and presentations whenever needed
– Help with interpreting during meetings with Hebrew speaking persons (general vocabulary, no special terms used)
– Collecting necessary information from Hebrew speaking managers in different services (printing companies, transportation, marketing agencies, etc.)
– Answering phone calls and questions of Hebrew speaking counterparts and clients
– Helping with business in the USA (remotely) and other places such as Amazon account, Ebay, and alike.
– Liaison with Israeli authorities on business matters as the case and instructions may be.

Main Duties on Personal Side:

– Help with translation or understanding of any personal documents in Hebrews (invoices, bills, letters, etc.) from authorities, service companies, schools, etc.
– Help with appointments and meetings with Hebrew speaking service providers and people (doctors, cars repair shops, cell phone operators, etc.)
– Help with teaching the kids (and parents) Hebrew
– Doing some usual domestic errands like mailing and collecting letters and parcels, looking for and translating necessary information on Hebrew web-sites, helping with shopping, etc.

We are looking for a person who are a native English speaker (to be able to work with US market) and Hebrew speaker (to be able to work in Israel). Computer literacy is a must on the user level (basic Microsoft products). Work can be arranged full or part time mainly from the persons own home or rented office, or from the family place in Netanya. Payments terms and amount are negotiable.

Interested candidates are invited to send their resume to: The family will only be able to accept resume from Israeli citizen or persons with full unlimited rights to work in Israel, or from legitimate self-employed persons.